Here are a bunch of random facts about me: 1. Why MummaBelly? My name is Michelle but I have been known as MummaBelly for over ten years, even my children call me this.The name MummaBelly comes from me running my Shapewear Business and talking to ladies about wobbly bellies and muffin tops every day! I guess over the years I just became the "Mother of all bellies", hence the name... MummaBelly! 2. My Family I am also Mum to four awesome children, three boys and a girl, aged 7-14. I am married and have been hanging with hubby for 24 years. We are both entrepreneurial types and work for ourselves, so yes, we are always together! Thankfully this works brilliantly for us. 3. I had a childhood in Performing Arts I spent my childhood performing in Musicals and training in Ballet, Tap, Jazz and Contemporary dance. I also absolutely loved to sing and was sort of okay at it and that is how I would classify my acting ability too. I loved music and taught myself to play the guitar, just so I could turn my poetry into songs. After finishing high school, I worked part-time as a dance teacher and also at a Radio Station to fund my Diploma in Contemporary Dance. It was during this time that I discovered my love of Media and Business, which led to me dropping dance, to continue a career in corporate media.

4. Corporate Career Background From the age of 19, for 12 years I worked in Radio, Television, Publicity and Newspaper in the areas of Sales, Marketing/Promotions and Management. I was extremely fortunate to have brilliant mentors and have assess to further my education and training over these years.

5. Becoming a Mum / Entrepreneur At 31 years, I became Mum to my gorgeous twins, and I quickly decided not to return to the corporate world but to start my own business to be flexible for the children. So from here, fast forward 14 years as a crazy entrepreneur, thousands of weird ideas and out pops an organising business. Two more babies and the creation of my current Shapewear Company now twelve years old, my new business BellyBiz Health and my new project "It's About Time".... I am so living a life I love! 6. My Passion My passion is helping people which is why I love my current businesses so much. Over the years I have spoken with over 40,000 women about our wobbly bits, body image and diet issues and it is the positive outcomes that continue to inspire and motivate me every day, mostly seven days a week. My new business BellyBiz Health is the result of my passion for health and healing which has seen me become a certified Health Coach so I can continue to help people. 7. My New Website After much procrastination, this new website has been specifically designed to bring all my projects/businesses together into one space. The ongoing collision of my business and personal life. A place where I can share my journey and experiences with others.

I hope you will share with me.


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