Hi, I’m Michelle, aka MummaBelly and this new website/blog is where my business and personal life collide.

I am a Mother of four and founder of BellyBiz Shapewear, Rockin’Real Food and "It's About Time".

As an Entrepreneur, my mind runs wild 24/7, and I see opportunities and ideas everywhere. I get ridiculously excited about every "idea" but the businesses I do develop always start out as passion projects, being products or services that will assist myself or others. These are the ideas that work, and my greatest joy is doing the hard work to provide a simple solution for others. I give 100% to everything, and I only ever involve myself with the things that are a true passion.... Stuff that works!!

Following are more details about the areas of my new website but here is a quick summary:

BellyBiz Shapewear Shop: Where you can purchase our amazing, unique, made to be seen Tummy Tuckers and other fabulous shapewear and maternity products.

Rockin’ Real Food: How I healed my daughter’s autoimmune disease with a Real Food diet. My tips on real food for health, weight loss, and life. Making it super easy for you to implement into your life so that it is affordable, quick, easy, and yummy.

“It’s About Time”: a solution to living your life by design regaining time.

MummaBelly Blog: My personal experience in business, health, family and life.

Here is some additional information...

BellyBiz Shapewear was developed after the birth of my 3rd child when I wanted a quick solution to control my post baby wobbly bits and get back into my jeans. Like most women, I wanted to feel more confident about myself. I had tried many types of Shapewear, but the quality was always terrible plus they were unattractive and made me feel like I was wearing sweaty contraptions. Not very suitable when you are a busy Mum. You can read more about the BellyBiz Story here.

My new business Rockin’ Real Food was created a year after my 12-year-old daughter was diagnosed with Vitiligo an autoimmune disease and we were told that nothing could be done medically. I am not a great believer in “nothing can be done”, so this diagnosis led me to research and learn everything there was to know about using food as medicine and to heal the body. At this time, my gut told me that adopting a 90% “real food” diet for my family could do no harm, so I pushed aside all the conflicting, confusing dietary theories and started with this immediately. Easier said than done, little did I know that this “real food” journey would be a wild ride with me locked in a kitchen for two years researching, trialling and creating healing foods and real food systems. The results were amazing in both healing my daughter and the general health of my whole family. I was hooked and began training to become a certified Health Coach. I launched Rockin' Real Food initially as a journal but then to share this knowledge. More about this story here.

Which leads me to my upcoming passion project called "It's About Time" which in a nutshell is about having a life by design or even living your dreams. This has been created for women who feel like their busy, stressful, eight days a week life is overwhelming, and they are in a constant state of reactionary juggling, rather than active living. It is those of us who feel their lives are passing by as a blur. "It's About Time" is a a how-to on achieving all you want, with reducing stress and being present in the moment. It's about regaining back our greatest asset. Time...

This project due to launch in July 2017, is the result of 15+ years of me trying to find a solution to my ever chaotic and crazy life. A life that appeared so "together" by appearance but was chaos behind the scenes. I always knew there was a better solution and I am so grateful to be living it finally. For me, it was a total “cake and eat it” solution 😊 , a solution, I now want to share with everyone.

Alongside, BellyBiz, Rockin' Real Food and "It's About Time", my desire is to have this website being pumped full of information and "real" life experience that has worked for me in my business, family, health, and life.

We are all individuals and what works for me may not resonate with you or be right for you, which is all perfectly fine.

I also do not suggest making any life changes in diet or exercise without consulting with your professionals in the field.

My purpose with MummaBelly is to share my experience and knowledge and start a conversation.

Hopefully, you will find some things interesting, inspiring and motivational and join me.

I love the community created through my businesses, and I love to hear from you. Let me know what interests you and what you are up to in your life. I look forward to you contacting us. Want to know more about me? Some random facts here.



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