To declutter is one thing, but.. I have just come across "minimalist living" and this makes a lot of sense and may be the answer I am looking for. I love to declutter and consider myself an annual professional though after researching online "stress" and "decluttering', I realize that my type of decluttering, is extremely limited. It is never going to remove enough 'stuff" from my life to make me feel less burdened.

So "minimalist living", yes, I am intrigued!!

Based on my initial online research, it is based on the theory, that less is more. Minimalism allows you to be happier, having more time to enjoy, family, friends and experiences rather than being burdened by looking after, cleaning and managing your stuff.

Wow wee this sounds GREAT.. I'm in...

I am not sure how far I can take this, as I have read articles where minimalist perfection is living with just 200 items... but like anything, I will get started and see where this takes me..

I am loving this new concepts but I am sure it will ultimately end up with a Mummabellyfied version of it!

So where do I start?

I have just studied some methods of minimalising including the currently popular Kontari method created by Maria Kondo in her book "The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up - The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing".

All methods are similar to the usual decluttering style I have always used where you start with a space and declutter unwanted items having your sell, donate and rubbish containers for items you wish to purge. The main difference with working toward minimalism is that you take each item and ask yourself "do I love this" and "does this item bring me joy". You are looking for items to keep, not items to get rid of. You do not allow yourself time to rationalise. You just keep or purge based on the "joy" an item gives you... You also remove everything from it's place into a big pile (so you can see the scary extent of your clutter) and then only replace those items that bring you joy. Wow... I am so keen to give this a go...

I know my "things" burden me and I do have fears of letting go... but, I am not sure why? I am sure some of it has to do with my mental calculator and the $$ cost of all that I am letting go of and some has to do with the thought that I may need this item some day. Who knows? but I feel I am finally ready... I would love to lose 50% of my family of 6's household items. Is this possible? I would love to walk into each space and know that every item had a purpose and was loved...

So with my Maria Kondo book on hand for direction.. Off I go to start this magic!


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