Tummy Tuckers provide hold for the wobbly bits in your belly area, creating a flatter and smoother surface. 

You will no longer jiggle under your tops, dresses, skirts and jeans, so you can confidently wear tighter and more flattering clothing.



1. They are made to be seen, not hidden away like most unattractive shapewear.

2. You can wear them in 6 unique ways.

3. They are cotton-based, breathable, comfortable, soft but firm.

4. They are professionally and individually handcrafted.

5. They are 100% Australian Made.

6. They train and tone the tummy area by encouraging muscle engagement while wearing.


Wear your Tummy Tucker 6 unique ways: as a skirt, boob-tube, tummy firmer, bandeau, belt or waistband.


Your Tummy Tucker can also hold hot or cold packs in place, cover plumbers butt and support tummy surgeries, including C-Sections (with Doctors advice).


Tummy Tucker's are so versatile, so simple, so clever!

Tummy Tucker White

Colour: White