Tummy Tuckers 

1. Why Tummy Tuckers over other Shapewear?

** They are made to be seen and look like a long singlet or additional layer, not daggy shapewear.

** They are versatile, you can wear 6 different ways.

** Ethical & Professional Production. They are made in Australia using a custom made, fabric. They are not Internationally mass produced.

** Fabric is cotton based, so comfy and breathable not sweaty nylon.

** They come in 10 different colours.

** We have over 32,000 testimonials on just this item.

** 100% money back if you are not satisfied with your item. Shop with confidence.

** My customers have used our Tummy Tuckers for the most amazing things over the years - e.g. hunting belt to carry, knife and smokes in, Harness to carry premature baby against Mums chest, Post Tummy operation support for c-section, hernia etc (with Doctors advice), Wheat bag holder, for heat packs... and gardening belt for the gardening tools. I just love sharing everyones stories...
Do they roll up or down?

No,  when fitted correctly they do not move at all. If item isn to big it will roll down.


3. Will I loose a dress size?

You look slimmer for sure. Shapewear can not make your body disappear, believe me I have tried it all and it is unrealistic and disappointing to promise such things. I have had customers tell me they have lost a dress size but its more likely they just feel contained and amazing in their clothes when wearing their Tummy Tucker. Tummy Tuckers take your body and give it a huge hug, redistribute everything a bit and just make you look and feel better. They are a huge confidence booster as they nothing jiggles around.  As they are cotton and comfy, they also feel like a well fit piece of clothing rather than a daggy piece of shapewear.

4. Why is the Seam on the outside when I wear as a Boobtube?
It is our unique seam design that allows you to wear the item 6 different ways seamlessly. To wear as a Boobtube the Top 10 cms needs to be turned over as a cuff to enclose the seam.. This also allows you to wear folded as a double layer around your waist and the item is lovely and seamless on both sides..

5. Why is it not working as pictured?

Tummy Tuckers must fit ultra snug as item is designed to give to each individual body shape ensuring a perfect fit. If item is not smoothing and you are still wobbling you will need a smaller size.

6. Can I exchange?
Yes absolutely, we want you to have the perfect fit.. please contact us for exchange details on and please see our Sales Information page for more information on exchanges.

7. What size do I get?
Please buy your pants size, if you are in between sizes please buy the bigger size. We want you to have the correct fit so please refer to our sizing chart but if you have any concerns please contact me on    

8. What are the unique 6 ways I can wear?

** Full body under clothes - covers hips and over boobs - perfect for V-Neck tops and low cut dresses

** Folded as a double layer at your waist - perfect for wobbly bit control and looks great as an additional layer.irt

** Worn as a bandeau - double layer around your boobs. Comfy when you aren't in a bra type mood!

** Worn as a boobtube - turn over the top 10cms to make a stylish cuff and enclose the seam to wear this way.

** Wear as a skirt - turn over the top 10 cms to make a stylish waistband and enclose the seam to wear this way.

** Scrunch as a belt

Hip Wraps

1. Will this hold my tummy in?
This product is designed to give you comfort, coverage and top extension and a splash of colour but as it is quite firm it does give you some hold. It is not made from our custom made Tummy Tucker fabric, co it does not give you ultra hold.

2. What size do I get?
Please buy your pants size, if you are in between sizes please purchase your smallest size.  Sizing Information.

3. What Colours do you have?
8 Colours: Black, White, Wine, Purple, Grey Marle, Hot Pink, Red and Navy

4. You have single and double layers - what is the main difference in each style?

Both are 25cms in height. Single layer is a light weight single layer of fabric in Black and white and is simply for extending your tops and giving you extra coverage when bending over and also is an extra layer for winter. Our Double layers  offer the same as the single layer but as a double layer they also offer some tummy support and they come in 8 fashion colours. 

Maternity Belly Bands 

1. What is the difference between your 3 styles?

More information on our Maternity Belly Bands Information page  but in a nutshell:
Our Standard Belly Bands are a single layer, 25cms high and come in Black and White - great for coverage and extending tops but not much baby support. Our TOP SELLING Luxury Double Layer Belly Bands are a double layer, 25cms high and come in 8 Colours: Black, White, Wine, Grape, Grey Marle, Hot Pink, Navy and Red. They are great for coverage, extending tops and offer comfort and some baby support.  Our Wear-8-Way Maternity Belly Bands are a single layer, 50cms high, supportive fabric that can be worn as a double layer or full body and in various other ways. It comes in 10 colours: Black, White, Red, Beige/Nude, Grey Marle, Cobalt Blue, Chocolate, Navy, Hot Pink, and Dark Purple. It can be worn as a skirt, boobtube, bra, belt plus it is so versatile for breastfeeding and post baby belly support.


2. What size do I get?

Please buy your prepregnancy pants size. The item is designed to grow with you. Sizing information.

3. What is the fabric?

Our Maternity Belly Bands are made from Cotton/lycra locally in Australia.

Flirt Skirts


What is Flirt Skirt for?
It stops your Tummy jiggling so you can wear tight tops and the "skirt" part covers the tops of your legs, your bottom and your "Achem" so you have the leggings "look" you desire without showing us all your bits and bobs.. Great also with jeans, perfect for the gym, yoga, pilates, walking.. great for Mums as it gives sexy comfort, coverage and support.. what more do we want! Oh yes sleep!..  no it does not give you sleep!  


Are the leggings attached?
No item is just the skirt and tummy band as 1 item.


The one I have received looks like the skirt is gathered?

Yes it does when laid flat.. in fact it looks quite weird, but once on, it stretches across your hips to create the tunic look.


Can I exchange?
Yes absolutely, we want you to have the perfect fit.. please contact us for exchange details on

What size do I get?
Please buy your pants size, if you are in between sizes please purchase your smallest size.  

Do they roll down?
No but you can wear folded for additional support..

What Colours do you have?
3 Colours: Black, White, Grey Marle


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