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Hi I'm Michelle aka MummaBelly and I help woman get their zest back.


I help woman remember their Zesty Girl and reconnect with her.


It doesn't matter where you are at, we can meet there... but today can be the day that you make a commitment to reconnect with what is important to you.

Not with what is important from your MASSIVE "things to Do" list... no, no, no, What is important to you if we could put on hold your duties as Sister, wife, Girlfriend, Mother, Business Partner... 

What is the the thing that would get you bouncing out of bed in the morning, excited about your day?

You are probably thinking "what? I am to busy for this... II can hardly get done what I need to get done in a day" 

Yes sure we all have chores and bores and responsibilities but we can also feel excited about our day ahead. There is room for you and what makes you zesty to come alive and it's time! for you to remember your dreams.. 

We all get lost... and I have many times.... my zesty got crippled by a weird anxiety for years and it was really hard to find my zesty during this time but I did and got back on track and whatever your circumstances are you can too... Maybe you are unhappy at work, maybe you are overweight, maybe you need some you time, maybe you have financial pressures, family issues, relationship issues... but what ever is draining you sparkle.. I am here to tell you that finding you Zesty Girl is very possible!

We are so busy all the time, and overwhelm and commitments can leave us feeling like shadows of ourselves. As woman we are juggling all the time and the thing that we fear is that this window of time will be over soon. We fear that we may not of experienced any of it... Or are we simply surviving, ticking off tasks as the years fly by with you as a spectator... We turn to our comforts to fill the gap but in the end we just end up with now zest left, no petrol in the tank... 

So my question to you.. is can you remember that dream? It's the one that you would never tell anyone and you pretend you don't know... but you do... you could tell me right now what your zesty girl is and dreams of and loves... Let's go get her....

Let me share my story briefly with you...

I had a childhood in performaing art, 15 yaers in corporate Media and then I had my twins. I started and organising business but had to move overseas for 6 months and was pregnant with my 3rd child so I closed that down. I then created BellyBiz Shapewear and for the last 12 years I have been running this business whilst bringing up my 4 children. Just over 3 years ago my daughter got diagnosed with an autoimmune condition and in a nutshell, I adopted a Real Food diet for my family and this saw this condition get healed. It also created amazing health in eh whole family so I decide to train as a Health Coach with INN in New York so that I could share my knowledge with others. What  



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