Hey Zesty Girl....

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Are you waking up in the morning going "Wahoo" and bouncing out of bed with zesty excitement?

No? Well, why the heck not?

I bet you want to.... 

No matter what life is throwing at you today, if you want to claim your Zesty Girl back...  we can do this! A few simple steps and you'll be on your way.

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Whatever's holding your Zesty Girl hostage, I am sure we can set her free. 


I am 49, with four children under 17, 2 businesses and no extended family support. So believe me over the years, I have had my zest-less moments. When things got tough, I would often get overwhelmed with anxiety and believe me anxiety ain't' very Zesty!


My "Ways to a Zestier You" program was created after a 2 year journey of health and healing with my family of six, 6 years ago. We used real food (i.e cut out most processed food) to successfully heal my young daughter from her autoimmune disease. The whole family experienced incredible health improvements (better sleep, weight-loss, better skin, no sinus) so we were like wahoo... this is so great... but what I noticed was that it didn't make me any happier.  Say What?


I wanted to get my old sparkle which I thought was lost in not being "heathy" enough. So when I was "healthy" and I was still not sparkly or zesty, it got me thinking. 


I realised that true health comes not just from what we eat but from who we are and the nurturing of all aspects of our life and self.


So after training as a Health and Life Coach specialising in this area, I decided to start BellyBiz Health and my coaching business to others how too!

So let's work together to bring back your sparkle, joy and zest... It doesn't really matter where it's hiding... we will find it!

Don't forget to email me below so we can get your Zesty going or maybe you just to say Hi?

Big Hugs

Michelle May

"YES PLEASE. I'm in!" Bring on my Zesty Girl!

We are located in Sydney Australia and we also have offices in New Zealand

We are here to help you with any query you may have.


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EMAIL: mummabelly@me.com

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