About Michelle May

Hi! I’m Michelle May.


I’m a mother of four, an entrepreneur, a health and wellness coach and I am so excited to welcome you to my website Zesty Girl.


Zesty Girl has been a dream of mine for a long time. It’s a place where I have put all of the things that I’m most passionate about together to share with you. I hope that this site will provide you with the tools and techniques to find your zest and start living a life you don’t want to escape from.


After a 12-year corporate career in the media, I decided it was time to let my entrepreneurial streak run wild. I wanted a job that I was excited about, that engaged my creativity and that allowed me to set my own hours so I could spend time with my twins. After starting and running a successful business as a professional organiser, I fell pregnant with my third child and found my next big idea.


14 years ago, after observing the changes to my body after two pregnancies, I was inspired to create BellyBiz- a shapewear business that empowered women of all ages to feel more confident about the natural changes to their bodies. Unexpectedly, BellyBiz led me to find my true passion, helping other women find their zest for life. Many of my customers reached out to me to start real conversations about their lives and body issues and I felt so humbled that they trusted me with their problems, that I wanted to know what else I could do to help. So, 2 years ago I became a qualified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.


What I learned from talking to my BellyBiz customers was that so many women were out there suffering the same problems in silence, too afraid and embarrassed to talk about them. So, I decided to face my own fears and I started the Zesty Girl YouTube channel. I created a place where I could start real conversations with real women all over the world so they would know they aren’t alone, that we’ve all experienced a loss of zest, and most importantly that we can all get it back!


This website and my YouTube channel share with you the tried and tested techniques that help me to live my zestiest life and I would love to help you live yours!


Hugs Michelle May 

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