Hey there, 

If you are reading this then I am going to confidently assume that you are ready to ditch some or all of the processed food in your life and embrace more Real Food!

Maybe you are on a "real food" journey already and want more ideas and motivation or maybe you just know that Real Food is the way to go. Maybe you are even inspired by our story and can see how this can benefit you or your family.

Whatever the reason, I am so excited that you are here.

If you are just starting out, you are probably confused by all the conflicting dietary theories, diets and fads. So, where do you start, what do you believe?

I know exactly how you feel. When I got started on Real Food for my family, it was so confusing it drove me CRAZY! One moment I was convinced that I should not cut out any food groups and the next moment I was convinced that I should never eat a piece of cheese again. The thought of that (hmmm) eeeekkk..







I am a lover of food. I love preparing food and eating it. I love the social aspect of eating food and I love the treats of yummy foods like ice-cream. So in my family, we adopt a very 90/10 rule... Sound good?

It's whatever works for you and for us this works great... I'm not into labels or groups or fads or anything like that and even though I am a bit of a weird perfectionist - when it comes to food there is no perfection. There is just a desire to eat lots of fresh healthy real food, to keep learning, to keep sharing what I learn and when we know better we do better! There is one thing for sure about food, and that is if you listen to your body it will tell you what it needs and this will change. I went through a phase where I couldn't eat rice without bloating to look like I was 5 months pregnant. Then I started craving it and now I can eat it - it's fine, no bloating? Probably an improvement in my gut health but who knows... I just say "be kind to your self and the process and never say never" to anything as we change!

Let me share this.. 

When I started this journey to heal my daughter  I thought I was Mum of the year in the food area. My four children had fabulous home cooked meals and they ate plenty of fruit and veggies and heaps of "healthy" snacks... BUT, I never realised how much sugar and junk/poisons were hidden in these healthy snacks - think cereals, fruit juice. muesli bars, crackers and so the list goes on. I recently heard the advice "don't buy any food that has a TV commercial" but to be honest I was really sucked in... 

Well, when we know better, we do better and my own experience over the last 3 years has led me to a passion for becoming a Health Coach. My goal is to stand by your side as your Real Food buddy and to share my knowledge and make your journey 100% easier than mine was.

My goal is to give you the "how to" in the easy steps that I have learnt so you can have some fun!

No deprivation here but fantastic health and weight results.

The food I have learnt to make over the years is simple, affordable, quick and delicious. 


I support but do not adhere, to any dietary theories but my recipes are mostly Gluten free and Refined sugar-free with dairy-free options. 

I have family members who are gluten-free and some who are dairy intolerant (sob!). My daughter tends to eat mostly vegan but could never be a vegan as she LOVES eggs and a steak once a week! See we are all different. 

Introducing more Real Food is simply recognising that as a society (despite break-throughs in science and medicine) we are getting sicker and more obese and food has to play a big part in this. It's about getting healthier.. and feeling better..  There are many other reasons for poor health e.g stress, busy lifestyles, loneliness to name a few but a great place to start is to simply look at what we are eating. It is something we can control right now.. a really great place to start... 


I also run the Zesty Girl program for woman to reignite or find their personal zest in life - wherever they are at in life...  As a Health Coach I know our total health is more than food, it's about our passions, spirituality (whatever that is for you), relationships, stresses, exercise, joy, career, family etc.. They all work together and understanding real food, how great you can feel and how you can heal, can really help in other areas of your life. 

So whether you are here for Real Food or for Recipe Inspiration or to just get your zesty back, I look forward to working with you.


So now, you may be thinking that going on a real food journey.. is a bit woo-woo? Well, let me clear up this myth for you.. 

Adding more real food into your life will not involve you eating Kale for breakfast, after doing a quick session of yoga moves, burning essential oils,  and hash tagging everything #plantbased...


 No, no, no.. You are not going to become a hippie overnight.  


You are not going to have to attend social events with your own flask of green tea.. and the backpack full of homemade chia seed puddings and tofu stirfries..


Not that any of the things above are bad, they're pretty awesome, but there is a misconception that becoming healthy means that we are required to change who we are... 

So let me assure you, Oh no, not so..


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